Thermo Shaker Incubator – TMS-200 / TMS-300

The TMS-200/TMS-300 Turbo Thermo Shaker Incubator thermo shaker for microplates, tubes, and glass vials. Perfectly controlled 3-dimensional mixing prevents spilling and lid wetting


1. Thermo shaker for microplates, tubes, and glass vials
2. Fast shaking and mixing up to 3,000rpm
3. Perfectly controlled 3-dimensional mixing prevents spilling and lid wetting
4. 2 programmable soft keys, integrated vortex and short mix functions
5. Very small, light, efficient and quiet
6. Adapter plates:
● Microplates: – 96-, 384-,1536-well microplates/deepwell plates/PCR plates
● Holder: – 0.2ml PCR tubes holder, 0.5ml tubes holder,1.5/2.0ml tubes holder – 15ml Micro tubes holder, 50ml Micro tubes holder
● Block: -10 types Aluminum blocks for user choosing

Technical Data

Model  TMS-200  TMS-300
 Mixing Frequency  300~3000rpm  300~2500rpm
 Mixing Orbit  2mm  3mm
 Speed Setting Resolution  10rpm increment  10rpm increment
 Mixing Accuracy  ±25rpm  ±25rpm
 Temp. Display Accuracy  ±0.1°C  ±0.1°C
 Mixing Speed  200~1500rpm  200~1500rpm
 Heating Time(25 to 100°C)  ≤12min  ≤12min
 Temperature Accuracy
 Temperature Control Range  RT+5°C~100°C  RT+5°C~100°C
 Time Setting  1min~99h59min  1min~99h59min
 Time Setting Resolution  1min  1min
 Short-Mix Function  Yes  Yes
 Continuoues Working  Yes  Yes
 Programs Stored  2  2
 Individual Program capacity  3 steps  3 steps
 Operation Voltage  24V DC 150W  24V DC 150W
 Power Supply  AC100~240V  AC100~240V
 Dimension(mm)  230 x170 x 165  230 x170 x 165
 Net Weight  5.5kg  5.5kg


Code Type Description
AS-02051-01 A-200 96×0.2ml
AS-02051-02 B-200 54×0.5ml
AS-02051-03 C-200 35×1.5ml
AS-02051-04 D-200 35×2.0ml
AS-02051-05 E-200 15×1.5ml+20×0.5ml
AS-02051-06 F-200 24xDiameter≤Φ12mm tubes
AS-02051-07 G-200 32×0.2ml+25×1.5ml
AS-02051-08 H-200 32×0.2ml+10×0.5ml+15×1.5ml
AS-02051-09 I-200 103x67x30mm Bath Block
AS-02051-10 J-200 96×0.2ml Elisa plate
AS-02031-01 MIX-A 96×0.2ml PCR Tube Holder
AS-02031-02 MIX-B 24×0.5ml Tube Holder


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