Vascular Doppler BT-200S / 200L / 200C / 200T/ 200V

BT-200 series is showing you fetus’s well-being.
The product image on left is BT-200V.

. Compact and light

. High sensitivity Doppler probe

. Ergonomic design

. 4 ranges of probe

. Easy to use

. Long time continuous use (6 hours


4, 5, 8MHz probe is available for multiple application.

4~5 MHz : Femoral, popliteal, subclavian artery and deep vein

8Mhz : dorsal pedal, radial, orbital artery and vein close to surface

Detect small vessel location and Sound very easy by even unskilled patient.

Optimized vascular Doppler for constant monitoring diabetic foot.


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