Breast Pump BT-150/ BT-150S/ BT-150L /BT-150B

-Desktop type Massage

-Massage /Expression /Program mode

-Powerful vacuum & Silent

-Various vacuum level and cycle control

-Closed system for hygienic use

-Backflow prevention

-BPA free

Option : Carrying bag, Car charging cable, Nursing Night Lamp, Additional bottle set, Bluetooth for mobile app, Rechargeable battery.


Find your own style using various expression and massage levels (Expression : 16 steps, 6 cycles / Massage : 16 steps, 3 cycles)

BT-150 is designed desktop type in detail to control accurately and it can be used for hospital purpose. Save your time from powerful & accurate expression mode.

Don’t need another light if you turn on ‘Nursing Night Lamp’ and it creates a warming atmosphere.

Make your own comfortable pattern using program function. You can make 8 Program IDs & 8 Program sequences each IDs.

  • Manage and control using mobile application
  • Speech recognition
  • Compatible with Android & iPhone
  • Setting program
  • Control expression, massage mode and nursing night lamp level

Generated air from the pump blocked by diaphragm preventing infection. Also, this structure prevents backflow of milk into the tube and the pump. All the parts contact the milk are made of BPA And Latex free material.


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