Infant Warmer BT-550

– Infrared Heater

– Pre-warm/ Baby/ Manual mode

– Swivel Head(Left & right)

– LED Examination light

– APGAR Timer

– Removable wall

Option: Tilting, Masimo SPo2, Lifting Stand, Weighing scale, Drawer, Plate, IV pole, Shelf, Oxygen deliverty


The BT-550 is intended to emit controlled, evenly distributed overhead heat to the body of premature infant and other newborns that cannot effectively regulate their body temperature.

This device can be used before any treatment or operation of infant. The device has two operating functions; one is baby mode, and the other one is manual mode.

In the baby mode, the temperature is controlled by skin temperature of infant. The skin temperature of infant compared to the temperature setting. The set value is lower than the measured value the
heater of device is operate to increase the value.

In the manual mode, the device is operates for predefined time. The device has the option for weighing scale and SpO2 measuring functions. Weight and SpO2 of infant can be measured using the options.

In the SpO2 measurement, the sensor is place at the end of a finger. By measuring the intensity of reflected light, depending on the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the blood determines the oxygen concentration.

  • Servo temperature control (Manual, Baby, Pre-warm mode) Swivel head and X-rays tray for other procedure
  • Tilting mattress for Trendelenburg treatment
  • Easy removable side walls for easy access and cleaning APGAR timer for 1, 5, 10 minutes
  • LED Examination light for 3 level brightness


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