Thermo Shaker Incubator – MTV-1

The Mini vortex is the ideal vortex mixer for every lab with its compact size, ease of use, and its economic price point. The 2,500rpm fixed speed ensures there is no sacrificing any mixing power. It requires little working space and is easy-to-use.


1. Touch activated vortex mixer
2. Stable compact design
3. 2,500rpm fixed vertexing speed
4. Powerful vertexing for tubes up to 15ml
5. MTV-1 is with a power adapter and a battery case
6. Choice of different colored housing

Technical Data

Model  MTV-1
 Working style  Continuous/Short-Spin
 Shaking movement  Orbital, 3mm
 Speed Range  800~2500rpm
 Dimensions(mm)  74 x 91 x 84
 Voltage  DC6V, (4pcs 1.5V double A battery )
 Weight  0.35Kg



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