High Purity Oxygen Concentrator 8 Litre


Designed for intermittent and continuous use, FDA-approved Canta Intelligent V Oxygen concentrators have an expected lifespan of over 20,000 hours of use. An intelligent self-diagnosis system ensures a consistent supply of oxygen (purity of 93 +/- 3%). Suitable for use with an anaesthetic machine.

  • Long life-span molecular sieve
  • Highly efficient cooling system
  • Energy saving technology
  • Maximum flow rate of 8L/min.
  • LCD showing cumulative working hours and present working hours
  • Easily manouverable
  • Suitable for 24 hour continuous operation
  • 2 year warranty

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Buy Oxygen Concentrator with 8 Litres Capacity to Prevent Medical Emergencies.

– As Per WHO Standards
– 93% Pure Oxygen
– Low Purity Signal

Oxygen Purity Indicator

CE & FDA Approved Product

1 year Warranty


  • Flow rate : 0-8L/min
  • Purity : 93 ±3%
  • Power Consumption < 480W
  • Working Voltage : 220/110V ± 10% 50/60Hz ±1
  • Outlet Pressure : 0.04-0.08Mpa ( pressure > 0.08 can be customised)
  • Noise Level <48 dB
  • Net Weight : 24 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 27kg
  • Standard Function : Over heat alarm, Power failure alarm, Timing function, Working hours display
  • Optional Function: Low purity alarm, Neublizer function, dual flow, Air brush

Standard Functions:

  • Big LCD display the accumulated working hours and the present working hours.
  • Timing Function for working hours control.
  • Bacteria filter inside keep away most bacteria in air.
  • Intelligent Self Diagnosis System provides light and sound alarming, with data indicating on LCD the detail failures, include: Over Heat; High Pressure; Power Failure; Atomizing Function (Nebulizer)

Item is expected to reach our Delhi warehouse in 15 working days from China (there could be small variation due to extremely high demand of this product). We also provide “Air Transport” option for faster delivery outside NCR

Limited Stock available. First come First serve.

To place your order and check delivery schedule please contact +91.8826.003634

Solutions for freedom and flexibility · Home Oxygen Systems Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine helps deliver a large oxygen output for all patient needs. Oxygen Concentrator is a medical equipment /device which extract the Oxygen from the air around us by removing the nitrogen and other gases. Extracted/ Concentrated Oxygen is delivered to the patient through oxygen mask or nasal canula to improve Oxygenation in the blood.

How does the portable or home oxygen concentrator work? The oxygen concentrators collect the air from surrounding, compress it as required & then pass it through a sieve bed zeolite, Zeolite absorb the nitrogen and pass the oxygen and then deliver filtered oxygen to the patient in a through a flowmeter delivery system with continuous flow. 5 Steps: 1. Takes air from the surroundings and filter it. 2. Compresses the air inside the machine. 3. Zeolite absorb nitrogen from the air and pass the oxygen. 4. Regulates the Oxygen Delivery through Flowmeter 5. Delivers the purified Oxygen using nasal Cannula.

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 39 × 33.7 × 62 cm


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