Fetal Monitor / BT-350

BT-350 is an Antepartum Fetal monitor displaying FHR, and FM on the LCD screen to check fetal health.


BT-350 LCD is an Antepartum Fetal monitor displaying FHR, and FM on the LCD screen to check       fetal health. BT-350 LED has the same functions as LCD type except having large 7- segment LED showing all the setting parameters and not having trend mode. It has also a event marker enabling a pregnant woman in the bed to indicate fetal movement point by pushing the button herself when she
feels fetal movement. BT-350 indicates FHR as numeral by irradiating ultrasound at the\ abdomen, abstraching doopler frequency of heart beat cycle from the signals reflected from fetal heart, and outputting FHR change as sound, and analyzing these signals. Besides, you can measure UC by using pressure sensor. BT-350 prints FHR, UC, and FM on the thermal paper and displays them
on the LCD display. Especially, the doppler probe has 9 crystal sensers for catching FHR effectively, and it is water-proof type. BT-350 has 2 kinds of instrallation functions such as notebook, and wall mount.

BT-350 LCD
displays trace and numbers. Stored data can be reviewed afterward.
CTG Analysis
calculates important data suchas baseline, Acceleration, Deceleration, fetal movement.
Cross Channel Verification
prevent the FHR is miscalculated by twin fetus by alarm.
Multi Language Support
13 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and more languages are available.
Built-in Quick Guide
Quick guide in the menu screen helps the user get to understand how to use and maintain the monitor properly.

BT-350 LED
Displays numbers only.
Large and bright LED is visible from a distance.
Various Paper Selection
BT-350 can use two most usual papers in the market (30-240bpm / 50-210bpm)
USB Data Save
FHR and UC trend data can be exported to USB memory stick and it can be managed by BCM-350 Central Monitoring Software
Central Monitoring Software
Works on BCM-350 software along with other Fetal monitors by wire or wireless.

Compact design with built-in handle enable portable use especially to midwives.
Rechargeable Battery*
Li-ion battery enable BT-300 can operate without AC power up to 3 hours.
Waterproof probe
All probes are waterproof and ready for water birth (IPX8).

Zoom-in Function
Enlarge FHR graph scale on the paper to examine the trend with more dynamics by focusing FHR range to most frequent area.
Offset DOP2 FHR
This function makes DOP2 FHR 20 bpm higher to enhance DOP2 trend easy to read.
Acoustic Stimulator*
Stimulate sleeping fetus to speed up the test or to facilitate further evaluation of non-stress test (NST).



  • Maximum connection: 16 monitors
  • Wire connection : RS-232C, LAN (for BT-350 only)
  • Wireless connection :Bluetooth (optional)

Remote Control

BCM-350 is not only monitoring Fetal Monitors at central station but it can control monitors remote for basic function.

BCM-350 is store data from the BT-300/350 by network connection and by USB memory. Stored data in internal memory of BT-350 can be exported to USB memory and it can be managed by BCM 350

Multi-language Support
BCM-350 is multi-lingual software and friendly to many non-English speaking users.

Various Bed Display mode
Various style of Bed display can satisfy ever y users with their own preference.


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