Equipment for Gel-Card – TD2-12

Capacity: 12 Gel Cards
Speed Range: 800~1800rpm
Centrifugal Force:54~272g


The TD2-12 ID-Centrifuge holds automatic balance control and user can set speed and centrifugation time. It can be suitable many types ID-CARDS from different manufacturers.
1. Capacity: 12 Gel cards
2. Speed: Two stages (It can be variable according to user need)
3. Max. Speed: 1800rpm
4. Centrifugal Force: 54~272g
4. Timer: 1~20min
5. Power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 85W
6. Dimensions: DxWxH=440x340x170 mm
7. Weight: 7.0kg

1. Silent centrifuge for up to12 ID-cards.
2. Removable and exchangeable spinning head
3. Automatic balance control
4. Pre-defined centrifugal parameters for optimum Gel cards processing; acceleration, speed, braking and time
5. Digital interface visor control and visualization of centrifuge speed and time remaining for processing
6. Programmable audible alarms for end of centrifuge time periods.

Technical Data

 Model  TD2-12
 Capacity  12 Gel Cards
 Speed Range  800~1800rpm
 Centrifugal Force  54~272xg
 Timer  1~20min
 Noise  ≤55db
 Power  AC100~240V, 85W
 Dimensions (DxWxH)  440 x 340 x 170mm
 Net Weight  7kg


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