Dry Bath Incubator – K30

K30 series Dry Bath Incubator an economic type heating thermostat, equipped with a circular heating module.


Technical Data

 Model  K30
 Temperature Control Range  RT+5°C~100°C
 Timing Range  1min~99h59min
 Temperature Control Accuracy  ±0.5°C
 Heating Time(20°C to 100°C)  ≤15min
 Certificate  CE
 Dimension(L x W x H) mm  225 x 160 x 197
 Net Weight  3kg


Code Type Description
AS-01031-01 A-30 96×0.2ml tubes
AS-01031-02 B-30 29×0.5ml+32×1.5ml tubes
AS-01031-03 C-30 61×0.5ml tubes
AS-01031-04 D-30 41×1.5ml tubes
AS-01031-05 E-30 41×2.0ml tubes
AS-01031-06 F-30 61xΦ6mm tubes
AS-01031-07 H-30 28xΦ12mm tubes
AS-01031-08 I-30 28xΦ13mm tubes
AS-01031-09 J-30 21xΦ15mm tubes
AS-01031-10 K-30 21xΦ16mm tubes
AS-01031-11 L-30 17xΦ18mm tubes
AS-01031-12 M-30 14xΦ20mm tubes
AS-01031-13 N-30 9xΦ25mm tubes
AS-01031-14 O-30 4xΦ32mm tubes


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