Centrifuge -Mini-6K / Mini-7K / Mini-10K

Mini-6K: 6,000rpm; 2,000xg
Mini-7K: 7,000rpm; 2.300xg
Mini-10K:10,000rpm; 5,000xg


Technical Data

Model  Mini-6K  Mini-7K  Mini-10K
 Power requirement  30W  30W  40W
 Relative centrifugal force (RCF)  2,000 x g  2,300 x g  5,000 x g
 Max.rotational speed  6,000rpm  7,000rpm  10,000rpm
 Rotors  6×1.5/2.0ml angle rotor  6×1.5/2.0ml angle rotor  6×1.5/2.0ml angle rotor
 2 – 8×0.2ml strip rotor  2-8×0.2ml strip rotor
 Rotor for slide
 Dimensions  175x148x118mm  175x148x118mm  175x148x118mm
 Weight  0.7kg  0.7kg  0.7kg
 Power  AC100-240V  AC100-240V  AC100-240V


Code  Description
 AS-08061-01  Allen wrench
 AS-08061-02  6-1.5/2.0ml rotor
 AS-08061-03  2-8×0.2ml strip rotor
 AS-08061-04  Slide rotor
 AS-08061-05  Adapters for 0.5/0.6ml tubes
 AS-08061-06  Adapters for 0.2ml tubes



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