Bacti-Cinerator and Beads Sterilizer – HM-3000A / HM3000C

Center High-temperature: 825°C ± 50°C
Max-diameter of Sterilizer Goods:
HM-3000A: Φ14mm
HM-3000C: Φ35mm
Length of Sterilizer:
HM-3000A: 150mm
HM-3000C: 100mm


HM-3000A and HM-3000C Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer sterilizes micro-organisms utilizing infrared heat produced by a ceramic core element. The ceramic element contains no asbestos and ensures maximum sterility without splatter across the work surface area. Complete sterilization occurs within 5-7 seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature of 1500ºF (815.6ºC).
The small footprint makes the Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer an ideal instrument for anaerobic and aerobic chambers alike. Several user friendly accessories are also available for the Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer.

Heater for HM-300A

Holder for HM300A

Holder for HM300C

1. Sterilizes needles, loops, and culture tube mouths in five to seven seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature of 815.6°C (1500°F)
2. Ceramic funnel tube enclosed in stainless-steel perforated guard and stainless-steel support stand
3. For AC220V 50/60Hz

Technical Data

Model  HM-3000A  HM-3000C
 Center High-temperature  825°C ± 50°C  825°C ± 50°C
 Max-diameter of Sterilizer Goods  Φ14  Φ35
 Length of Sterilizer  150mm  100mm
 Dimensions(DXWXH)  185 x 98 x 190mm  162 x 98 x 225mm
 Power  170W  320W
 Net Weight  1.3kg  1.3kg
 Adjustable angle range of heater  —-  —-


Code  Description
 AS-07021-01  220V Heater for HM-3000A
 AS-07021-02  120V Heater for HM-3000A
 AS-07021-03  Holder for HM-3000A
 AS-07051-01  220V Heater for HM-3000C
 AS-07051-02  120V Heater for HM-3000C
 AS-07051-03  Holder for HM-3000C


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